Throw an Unforgettable Hen’s Party for your Bezzie with these Tips

Throw an Unforgettable Hen’s Party for your Bezzie with these Tips

How do you describe an insanely fun Hen’s party? Do you describe it in detail or your hangover explains it all? Well, it’s usually the latter. But giving the hen and the other hens-to-be that experience isn’t that simple. You have to prepare ahead, set a budget, look for hens party supplies Brisbane has today, and so on. Thus, to throw an unforgettable Hen’s Party, follow these tips:


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1 – Start preparing early!

No one really benefits from procrastinating—especially when planning for these types of parties. Well, if they did, good for them. But you have to start preparing early, okay?

Preparing early helps you generate more awesome party ideas and see how things will unfold better. If you start early, you can also check the availability of guests and book better reservations.

2 – What the hen wants

Do you really know your bezzie? It’s crucial that you know what the hen wants and what she secretly wants. Her preferences should influence everything, from the venue to the small decorations.

When it comes to decorations, they don’t need to blatantly show an embarrassing fetish. But be sure to include tricks and themes that will make everyone laugh, including the hen. For instance, you can buy funny R-18 hens party supplies Brisbane has right now.

3 – Write a good guest list

You have to write a good guest list. Besides her closest girlfriends or bridesmaids, who do you need to invite? Always ask the bride before finalizing the guest list.

You don’t need to invite all her friends. Don’t risk inviting her former best friend if you don’t want awkward silences. Well, a good middle ground for a socially active bride is throwing two hen parties. She can throw one for close friends and another for co-workers and acquaintances.

4 – In or out?

Are you celebrating in a single place for the whole night or transferring to different venues? The itinerary or program will influence your celebration and budget, of course.

Thus, be sure to discuss this with the bride and other bridesmaids. They might even suggest something better like cheaper Brisbane hens party suppliesor more cost-effective ideas. And, in case everything gets too outrageous, someone can chime in and become the voice of reason.

5 – Budget, budget, budget

Now that you listed down the bride’s preferences, venues, and itinerary, it’s time to set a budget. Depending upon your type of party, here are the things you might need to include in your budget:

  • Venues and reservations (if you’re celebrating outside)
  • Decorations andhens party supplies Brisbaneshops are selling
  • Accommodation services (caterers, drivers, strippers, bartenders, etc.)
  • Blow money (for unexpected additional charges)

6 – Add some twists

Putting some twists is one way to make a Hen’s party unforgettable! Here are some ideas:

  • Don’t follow the program or itinerary. For instance, if the bride thinks you’re going to eat dinner & party in one place, surprise her with a trip to a bar or a resort after your dinner.
  • Do one activity she’s never tried. It can be bungy jumping, going to a strip club, or paintball battle.
  • Do a prank. Hire actors who will dress up as zombies. While you’re eating dinner, have the zombies show up. Announce that there are toy guns hidden under your tables before you run for your lives.

Final notes

The key to throwing an unforgettable party is a balance. You should know what the hen likes yet don’t hesitate to surprise them. Now, do you want to order cheap Brisbane hens party supplies today? You can order fun R-18 hens party supplies in Brisbane at

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